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    We are awarded for Arts Sponsorship of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards!

    The D. H. Chen Foundation is honored to be awarded Hong Kong Arts Development Awards’ The Award for Arts Sponsorship. Leveraging the arts as a platform to promote compassion-based values, the Foundation believes philanthropy and art are one in essence and therefore has been supporting many arts groups and programs including:

    • The D. H. Chen Foundation – West Kowloon Tea House Student Matinees” providing more than 10,000 secondary school teachers and students with experiential learning activities about Cantonese Opera to promote Chinese traditional values and culture;
    • The “Playful Learning Program”, jointly presented by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and The Hong Kong Education University, providing kindergarten school teachers with training in drama education knowledge and skills to incorporate dramatic elements in kindergarten education;
    • “SOWGOOD! Positive Education Centre”, co-initiated with St. James’ Settlement, using art creation, music creation and body expression activities to cultivate children’s social and character development;
    • the school-based “Compassionate Children Pilot Program” offering experiential arts learning for primary school students, as well as training for teachers and parents to nurture students’ social and emotional developments; and many more.

    The Foundation believes philanthropy is about seeking new possibilities through experimentation, innovation, interaction and co-creation to generate a wider positive effect together. Arts are in a sense similar to philanthropy when arts also explore new possibilities through constant innovation and enable the audience to open up to wider horizons. The Foundation shall continue to make use of all kinds of resources such as sharing, exchange and networks to generate synergy and grow with partners.